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"I am really lucky to be taking precalculus with a teacher, but not in a class."

Abigail has a passion for music and by taking courses through Abbotsford Virtual School, she has been able to continue her education and play the violin every day.

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"Every child is so individual in their learning style and every child has their moment, whether they are considered a late bloomer or an early starter.'"

"With education at home and the help of AVS, I was able to honour each of my children for their individuality, and help them to not only effectively learn the material, but also witness them gain a

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"I knew I couldn't change the past, so instead I chose to dictate what my future could hold."

Bryan left school in grade 10 to pursue a career as a professional musician.

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"AVS is really great for flexibility in life."

When Jason stumbled across an ad for AVS in the newspaper, he didn't realize that it would end up boosting his career.

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"I have more time now in my retirement to take the classes I want."

Erica worked all her life, and was looking for something that would help her transition into retirement.

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"I was so impressed with the program, I put an ad on Craigslist promoting it - on my own accord!"

As a former principal in the Abbotsford School District for 35 years, Dave understood the importance of education and life long learning.

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"I never feel like I am in a virtual environment."

For Michelle, the flexibility and accessibility of taking AVS courses online feels like the perfectly designed program for her lifestyle.

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I can take a class with my husband, my daughter or even my granddaughter, what more can I say!

Liz first heard about AVS through a friend that recommended it. She has been so pleased with the program, she's now on her fourth course.

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